Friday, October 31, 2008

Implementation Plan

As stated in another blog the transition needs to go from a currency system to a resource system. The only way to do this is buy creating a system that is wholly owned by the people using the system.
Everyone who buys into the system owns a share of the system, and the goal of the system is to produce enough for the community and use the profit to make more systems. Everyone in the community is able to monitor their own usage of the common resource. They can still tie into the grid, but if they keep their needs below what is produced for the community then they don't have to pay, except maintenance fees transparent to the entire community. Everyone is informed about how much the common resource can produce and how their usage compares to others (anonymously) in the community.
No one is forced to use below what the common resource produces (they can still tie into the grid). They can sell their shares to another person in the community, but no one can own more than one share. Equipment maintenance payments is divided equally amongst the members and is either handled by the community, by the people that installed the power plant or by a third party contractor.

Power plants
1) Draw up plans and estimates of cost for:
a-geothermal power plant
b-Solar Power Plant
c-Wind Power Plant
d-Wave Power Plant
(all in stages of groups of 10 people)
2) Send Estimates of Geothermal plant to every suburb and major metropolitan area
3) Estimates for solar Power should be sent to Desert Regions
4) Estimates for Wave and Wind Power should be sent to Coastal Regions

Agriculture Centers
1)Draw up estimates for an automated agriculture center
2) Send to every major metropolitan area

Car Manufacturing Plants
1) Make an estimate for automated car manufacturing sites
2) Send to every major metropolitan area
3) Setup a quick fuelup and home fuelup areas across the nation using solare cell renewable energy only

Maglev Plans
1) Map out every train track across the United States
2) Make estimates for linking between major metropolitan on elevated maglev tracks
3) Send to every major metropolitan area, tying major metros between states first
4) This plan takes a “stake” to be paid by every municipality that is involved in “linking” into the maglev train. For example, if you want to use the maglev and have pickup/dropoff site then you have to pay into the shares to get the process started.


Anonymous said...

This reads well, I just want to be part of a project that really digs into the details of how to bring such a vision, or one quite like it, into reality. Are there any resources that go into more detail?

The Running Man said...

I've tried to compile on this blog all the information I have about how this could happen. You should also buy everything from the Venus Project to see how this can happen.