Thursday, January 1, 2009

Insulated Economies

Our rights are being taken without our permission. The value of our dollar is evaporating without a massive protest or riot. Troops are amassing in the United States and not one lawsuit has been filed against the unlawful use of troops. Congress has been threatened with martial law so the globalists traitors can institute a world currency out of a global depression. We know the handwriting on the wall. The world economy is set to collapse.

What can we do? Why don't we emulate the original revolutionaries and survive without globalist banks? I'll give an example:

-Instead of buying food from the local Walmart find a local grocer at, or buy long term storage food that's normally alot less expensive and healthier then grocery food. Ask if they can accept gold, or silver or make a local currency.
-Take all money out of the banks, except whatever you're comfortable for short term living, and put it into precious metals
-Get a notary and a bunch of friends together who invest in metals and become your own "banks". The notary signs off what you have in gold and silver and your friends are given credit up to whatever limit you want. There is an online system at that offers this solution.
-In your community issue your own currency with script backed by friends metal holdings.

This idea could go beyond food to finance inexpensive, independant energy generation devices as seen in this site:
Or it could finance anything the community of friends needs. An insulated economy could preserve your neighborhood while around your area ghost towns spring up. The power of this system is not only it's backing by precious metals, but also it's locality. Unlike Bernard Von Nothaus who had a central depository that was easily raided your "bank" would not necessarily be in any specific location, it would just be backed by your word (that people can sue for misrepresentation in court). Everyone would communicate about funds through sites like ripplepay, or twitter, or flycast or not online but by flyer or phone call-whatever your group decides. A truly decentralized, empowering banking system.

The solution to a global enslavement currency when the politicians don't work is to become an insulated, local economy and to get out of debt. This can only happen if people get off the grid and connect with their community. There is hope to avoid an american catastrophe. The American Empire, however, will have to fail while the American Republic holds steady.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Difference between "cashless" and "moneyless" society

The Zeitgeist Plan has thrown alot of people who know about the Federal Reserve into an all out war against a resource economy. These people attack the Zeitgeist Plan on multiple fronts, but the economic one I will tackle in this blog.

The architects of the Federal Reserve openly want a "cashless society". This society would be given a certain amount of credits issued onto cards or onto chips implanted into people or onto their cards. This would be ultimate control. With a flick of a switch all your computer generated "credits" would disappear. Today they are pretty close to this cashless society. Most credit cards are issued with an RFID tracking device. All port workers are issued a TWIC card with an RFID locator chip. Many U.S. states are close to issuing a global drivers license with an RFID chip. Now the world's newspapers are simultaneously calling for a Global Government and heralding an economic collapse so devastating that Global Government will be controlled by banks.

The zeitgeist plan calls for a "moneyless society". No credits would be issued, no money of any sort would change hands. The only thing people would have to worry about is what to do with their day. I've already blogged about the possible ways automation and self sufficiency has been acheived in other, smaller societies. The challenge will be reshaping man's warped vision of life on earth. As I have said in earlier blogs this challenge will not be forced onto people, but like the Amish some will recognize its promise of a better life. Unlike the Amish, resource economists won't reject technology besides the technology of tracking individuals and items for personal gain or control. The only tracking will be to determine the community's needs versus the resources they can produce. And no central governing figure will determine the community's needs, it will be done by the most skilled technicians in that community.

The nuances of a cashless society versus a moneyless society can all be boiled down to control. In the New World Order sponsored cashless society an oligarchy of wealthy people decide how much purchasing power a person has. In a resource economy no one has any purchasing power, but everyone is responsible for maintaining their community. The control in a resource economy is enforced by personal self interest and community awareness. The only way this control can be implemented is by education about the benefits away from central authority and towards a community based society.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Free Nation Project

There is currently a Free State Project to move people around the nation to New Hampshire and overtake the small state's legislature. On the Federal Level I don't think the state's elected leaders have any power and are always going to be puppets for the economic forces supporting them. My evidence is the unelected treasury secretary Henry Paulson threatening Martial Law if the Banker Takeover bill wasn't passed:
Also unelected Defense Secretary Gates (who will be coming from the Neocon Bush Administration to the Neoliberal Obama Administration) has ordered the National Guard disbanded and the governors of each state to be puppets of the Federal Administration, with only figurehead status:

How can people retaliate against a federal government that doesn't recognize their constitutional power? My answer would be to protect local elections by becoming precinct leaders at The precinct leader program can cast a national net of influence by electing officials whose have freedom oriented principles. At a local level we can still control the enforcement of laws.

Beyond the political realm we can also starve the beast by stopping the use of fiat money. I've blogged about this concept previously here:
In addition to my original blog I think going off the fiat money should be a nationwide network of consumers and sellers of goods and services. The sellers agree to accept local or real currency. I've tried to setup a nationwide network on the frontpage of one of my websites here:

Unfortunately I don't have the web skills to setup a list to connect consumers and sellers. Just like the Campaign for Liberty this could be used to connect local business leaders with their consumers who want to end the Federal Reserve System. There are two forms of currency I have found that could be used by this network.

1) Commodities-this is the barter and trade method. Precious metals are the most respected commodity, but also food, goods and services can be traded wherever the commodity can travel.
2)L.E.T.S.(Local Exchange Trade System)-
-stay within the community it serves
-be issued by the people who use it
-exist in sufficient supply to meet the needs of that community.

Local currencies have been implemented by local goverments for a long time. Most recently Milwaukee's local government is issuing their own currency:,0,2902061.story
Here are other stories about local governments making their own currency and systems already setup for an alternative currency:
There are several thousand more. The key is getting everything you need without using private bills of credit.

The goal to get back to a governmentally controlled monetary system has historical background.
There was a govermentally issued form of currency used early in the American colonies known as colonial scrip. "Colonial scrip, were "bills of credit" created by the government, based on the credit of that government, and this meant that there was no interest to pay for the introduction of money."
Also noted about the system engineered by Benjamin Franklin "The Pennsylvania version of this currency was said to be the most effective, because they controlled the money supply and issued only enough notes so as to satisfy the demands of trade, preventing inflation."
The currency act was passed just to stop this colonially controlled currency:

Later the European banks were having such a tough time making their usurious policies popular in America stated this in the London Times in 1865:
"If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe."
The Federal Reserve Act was passed half a century later that has created a private bank and our current financial crisis.

The money supply should be back in the hands of the popularly elected government. Until we have our elected government's power back it is up to the people to stop using private bills. If the majority of the world stops using dollars then the Federal Reserve will be destroyed.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Zeitgeist Plan Toolkit

Planning a Zeitgeist Toolkit there are several things I would want to give to people who are new to the concept of a resource economy.

First, an explanation of the Central Banking fractional reserve lending practices. Zeitgeist Addendum part 1 succinctly summarizes this practice and puts it into perspective the ramifications of Central Banking with John Perkins testimony. Also due to the financial collapse and global consolidation under Bankers rule it would be best to make another movie detailing the Banker Takeover Bill, the fraudulent carbon taxing scheme and their ramifications.

Second, an explanation of a resource economy. The Zeitgeist Addendum movie doesn't tackle this as thoroughly as I would like. People should have a better understanding before going into a resource economy about the possible hardships due to an unwilling oligarchy and an uninformed population. The topic of government should be explained from the perspective of what was envisioned by America's founding father's and the current possibilities in government due to our technological sophistication. Also technology needs to be demystified and understood by both an uninformed population and those that know a technocratic elite seek to rule the world. A resource economy's technology is throughly beholden to the people and mastered by anyone capable and willing in the society.

Third, activist materials to hand out or talk about. All the usual fliers, newsletters, magazines, youtube videos, etc. .

Fourth, scheduled meetings by groups. Easily done by internet software like facebook groups should stay informed about the entire world group's activities and local activities.

Fifth, business solutions to finally get off the grids of power. I've presented several solutions in my blogs so far. Whether people act on them or make up their own still remains to be seen.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Population is never a problem

In the resource management model population is never a problem. I'll use a real world example to show this truth. In austrailia there is roughly 7.5 Billion 1/4 acres of land. Today there are roughly 6.7 billion people. If every person in the world received 1/4 acre of land in Austrailia the entire world would be left along with 200 Million acres in Austrailia. I've shown examples of entire families living from growing food on 1/10 an acre of land. How big is the rest of the world's land mass? Roughly 30 times the size of Austrailia or able to accomodate another 140 Billion people. The Venus Project even shows people living underwater. How big is the world's water mass? Roughly 70 times the size of Austrailia or able to accomodate another 490 Billion people. These numbers are huge and they show what a lie we've all been told.

There should be no one child policies, no abortions, no sterilizations and no contraceptives. Family planning today is a euphemism for baby killing. In a responsible world, a world that cares for those that most need our care it is the greatest glory to have children. This topic some people who agree with most of the zeitgeist movie disagree with me on:

If that's the world these sad people want to inhabit then I'll not be a part of any population control. The truth is the world is more than capable of handling hundreds of billions more humans and even beyond. Lunar colonies and martian colonies can be established with today's technologies.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Resource Management Business Model

I've written alot about the different types of businesses I see initially to get people off the controlling grids of power. It's important to recognize we're still in a monetary system and there's no way out of it without an initial monetary investment and a self perpetuating generator of systems that empower their owners to not hook into a central, alien authority. Now I am going to boil down the model for any business to start a resource economy. This model can be used for any product or service and will be refined over time.

The resource management company is owned by all the participants who initially bought into the system and who later buy into the system. The manager, employee and customer relationship are eventually eroded because in theory everyone is responsible for maintaining the system. How can this happen? Wouldn't the burden just fall on one chump like we've all seen happen in leaderless systems before? Well, that's where education, feedback and improvement of the system comes into play. Also the integration of automation so the tasks a robot could do are outsourced. Some people might think a robot doing our tasks is outlandish. But look at all the tasks currently robotocized. It only takes a few more arms and controls to make most everything people do automated. I'm not going to pretend that some people aren't going to want a free ride. Maybe the group is initially started with a contract for each member or members can hire a third party to service the system and the members are just responsible for paying the third party.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Staticism vs. Dynamicism

I write alot about endgames because it's important to visualize the goal. I see free market at best as a transitional, or dynamic, goal towards equilibrium. There will be no peace under a currency system because no law can restrain immorality when the means for survival can be bought. The endgame of either a few owning the world's resources or everyone owning the resources are two opposing endgames. Both endgames can only exist in transition towards the other state. Once the endgame is finished the system becomes more static and an equilibrium, however unfair, is established.

A resource economy is not a utopia. It offers a solution to better understand the problems facing society without a mechanism for unscrupulous people to take advantage over morally just people. There will always be a dynamic change component within a resource economy, but the opportunity for change will not be hampered by a central authority or a horde of the ignorant population. The currency endgame does offer a utopia, of sorts, for those few able to claw themselves to the top of the pile. The currency endgame's peace involves termination or subjugation by force while the resource economy's peace involves freedom and the responsibility to choose for every citizen.

The New World Order Balancing Act

I see the New World Order (NWO) as a gymnast on a balance beam having to walk a fine line between true ideals and subversive appetites. The NWO puts forward political agendas like communism, environmental agendas like Global Warming, social agendas like national service, military agendas like global policing and religious agendas like the ecumenical movement as some boon to mankind. The truth is they are each a radical departure from helping mankind, but for a time they supply the necessary propaganda to sway a massive amount of people towards their false causes.

Communism is one of a number of different political experiments thrown out by the NWO after it served their needs. What did I think about communism before I learned about its true history? I thought it was about people working together towards a better life for everyone in their community. I thought it failed because the capitalist system prevailed and competition is always necessary for survival. The truth I found out is radically different. Communism was funded by wealthy industrialists in America and Europe. They put into power an insane dictator who supported corruption, murder and theft. Communism originally was never about helping the common people, or destroying all the caste systems. It was about creating two caste systems-the predators and the prey. The people were subservient to their dictator. Their was no common goal or good, just a central authority. In the end the prey overcame their predator and a new, predatory capitalist system emerged.

The current environmental brainwashing scam is to charge people for exhaling Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide we breathe out and plants breathe in. The Club of Rome originally proposed the global warming scam right before the Berlin Wall fell, sounding the death knell for communism. Michael Crichton brilliantly explained one goal of the scam is to fill the vacuum of fear people felt after the Cold War died. Another goal is to subvert the environmental movement that was exposing the rape of our natural environment by unscrupulous businessmen. Now the environmental movement is focused on a false goal. A third goal is to give cover to another tax bubble that is needed after the fiat currency bubble pops. The carbon scam has caught on thanks to a massive media blitz, acceptance by laughable experts, and an ignorant population. Who knows Al Gore got most of his money from oil?

National Service is another term for slavery. There is no government able to demand any free man to serve against their will. For the past century Americans have been subjugated to economic slavery due to an illegal income tax. In 1917 the selective service act was accepted to draft young men into war. Today there is a call for National Service and several bills that criminalize demonstrations or speech against government.

Global policing has long been decried by great political leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. Every sovereign country never has the need to patrol other countries to protect their sovereignty. Today America's military and NATO's peacekeeping forces set up global bases with no end in sight. It is true that people need to be vigilant in other countries, but setting up armed bases and prolonging conflicts leads to more war. The only way sovereign countries act abroad is ongoing diplomatic relations and answering to their own people's representatives for war actions. Never constant aggression on other countries.

Spirituality and Religion are not the same thing. Few people explore their own spirituality beyond their chosen religion. Religion is a dogma of beliefs. A person has a personal relationship with their spirituality and doesn't need to adhere to someone else's dogma to affirm their faith. The ecumenical movement seeks to bring together different denominations under one religion. Once again this is a slight variation of what should happen. The people of the world need to respect other's beliefs and never instruct others on how they should practice faith. In other words, the different religions of the world could live together but never in a forced way under a central authority. Everyone needs to choose their religion and their spirituality for themselves.

How do we knock the NWO off their balance beam? By exposing the lies. Educating the public. Never giving into their false schemes and teaching other's there's a better way to live. Either you can be quiet about your rights to sovereignty and await the wave of zombies force fed these lies, or you can start speaking truth to power and exposing lies. The choice is yours.

Swinging for the Fences

A resource economy is a finished economical end game. There will always be improvements to the social structure and inventions to improve our life. To get at the root of our constant struggle for survival one endgame is giving the resources back to everybody, or a resource economy. The opposing endgame is hoarding resources amongst few, or the New World Order's (NWO) economy. Using a baseball analogy, the first base hit to either of these endgames is a free market.

Let me explain, a free market gives people the tools to be prosperous. However, the laws that break apart monopolies, insider trading, illegal dealing and government collusion normally are not strong enough to break the web of greed created by this prosperity. If the laws of man were equitably enforceable then free market would have a chance to survive without impunity. The laws of man are easily sidestepped when a few people control the monetary supply. Some people might argue that free market automatically stops anyone from controlling the monetary supply. Their argument is flawed because the free market allows prosperity to bloom irregardless of moral conviction.

The free market is always going to attract con men who steal from others without moral compunction. It's an obsession for sadistic people because they either lack empathy or were conditioned to no longer care for other people. If a free market were ever established then it would only be a matter of time when the next con man would usurp the system. There are always opportunities for foxes to get in hen houses, unless there are no hen houses. In a resource economy there is nothing to steal. Everything is owned by the participants in the system, but no one has the right to take away any allocated resource. The resource economy endgame gives everyone their necessities and is owned by everyone in the system. The opposite NWO endgame is quickly approaching.

Almost every day there are calls for a one world currency which translates to a one world government. As articulated by Baron Rothschild in 1796 “I care not about laws...those who print the money make the laws”. They probably engineered this crisis, just like the failure of the England Stock Market in 1787, the Federal Bank Runs in the 1800's and the Worldwide Depression in 1929.

Maybe I'm giving the N.W.O. more credit than they are due. The truth is in a currency system cycles of depression always occur. In a fiat currency system they occur more frequently than most of the public are aware. Ever since the Presidential Financial Working Group was established in 1987, due to a monumental drop in the stock market, there is no congressional oversight over the markets in America. Today there is no way, besides a political referendum, to discover a verifiable paper trail where the market was manipulated. The evidence I have against the NWO is a centuries long history of failure, intentional destruction, and morally bankrupt announcements about their plans for our world. If you doubt any of this please ask for references and I'll point you to some great, honest history.

A resource economy is truly swinging for the fences. It is possible to run past the first three bases in the resource economy of free market, prosperity and automation and head directly to freedom. In the NWO's currency endgame the first three bases are free market, monopoly, and debt leading to slavery. Recently Senator Obama became president elect for the United States of America. One of the main pillars of his new presidency is forcing people of every age range to serve the government. His establishment has also taken Ralf Emmanuel, the son of an Israeli terrorist, as Chief of Staff. In Emmanuel's book he vociferously mimics Obama's initiative to involuntarily serve the call of government. If this initiative passes every American citizen will become a slave to international financiers. The question is will patriots go for a first base hit or a home base run towards a resource economy? I'll continue to swing for the fences and point my bat high into the outfield.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Powerful Idea

How often people would rather criticize shocks me. In a society based on freedom of expression there is a need for respect of other's ideas. Otherwise what would be the point having any ideas at all? It's a societal problem brought by our lax respect to knowledge in general. How many people protested once they found out the electric car was destroyed? (not a whole lot-it's alot easier to gripe about your neighbor than to a multimillion company). To never have tested ideas is a travesty of free will. Now the destructive comments have come to this blog.

I recently installed a chatroll feature that enables people to chat about the zeitgeist movement and get the plan underway. Unfortunately the same people who posted destructive comments on other blogs have made it their mission to use the chatroll. This I would view as a waste of time on their part unless they were scared of the zeitgeist idea. I don't waste my time going on blogs arguing with people I never met about some idea. Especially when there are alot of other, more pressing, problems in the actual world. This blog only tries to clarify an unimplemented plan not tied to any group dedicated to destroying sovereignty. It's a free blog for free thoughts. Time would be better spent going on the CFR website and commenting about their policies, or any of the other news agencies. But, I suppose, this blog is an easy target for gutless individuals because it's so open.

I won't delete the chatroll feature because it is a useful communication tool. The amount of negative posts demonstrates the power and mystery of the zeitgeist ideal. I've tried to dispel alot of the lies and misinterpretations of the movie and of our history, but still some people don't seem to get the message. Like the movie says, it's their choice.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

ARI (Accurate Research Institute)

The health and energy problems all over the world are mostly due to corporations sponsoring research for their own products. Unsafe, poor and wasteful products reach the market because they are either cheaper to make or to purposefully harm the consumer. Less than stellar research doesn't just come from corporations, but also government and non profit institutions spew dishonest research. Dishonest research is only the tip of the iceberg where knowledge is disrupted. There are also entire regions of research not under investigation due to corporate or government interference.

The resource management model of business could solve this problem for the consumer. Honest research conducted from laboratories not associated with the product or the producer could form. The laboratories don't need to be incorporated just to do research for consumers, but the profits from conducting research should go back to forming more accurate research centers. Unlike other consumer research companies the Accurate Research Institute would never be centralized and would work on a per mission basis.

Accurate Research Institute could also form the nucleus of the better methods found in a Resource Management Model. The Institute could investigate new ways to improve health, increase energy and form better communities with consumer support.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zeitgeist Amusement Parks (ZAP's)

Before an idea can become real it has to be the vision seen around the world. Here is my vision of the most easily deployable amusement park/store across the country

1) People pay an entrance fee
2) Fruit trees/bushes and vegetable gardens are all over the store. People are given one basket to pick as much as they want
3) The store's power is run on either wind or solar
4) Throughout the store are miniature replicas of the massive structures that are possible including all the automated systems possible
5) The store sells activist items like books, DVD's, ways to get off the grid and other store franchises
6) A soundproof room for mediation resolutions (a fun alternative to lawyers, judges and the penal system)
7) A solar car grand derby where there are solar cars, but also people can bring their own to race

8) An information center where people can learn by either TV or by a representative about what the possibilities are for a resource economy

Here are the major cities where an amusement park should be opened:
New York City
New Orleans
Los Angeles
San Francisco
St. Louis

Movie Idea: Isocracy

Another movie idea would be to show a person transported into the future where the resource economy has transformed the world. There are many mechanisms to freeze someone in time:

1) cryogenic storage either accidental or intentional to preserve their lives until a way to save them from some disease is discovered

2) The movie is a dream where they wake up and just have the memory of some future

3) Some futuristic time machine where the person either sees the future or experiences the future

4) The future is shown as the present and they either find someone from the past or resurrect someone from the past

I favor the first method by intentional storage because it is the most likely, hopeful and gives the main person a back story. It doesn't have to be cryogenic storage, maybe a coma where global strife rages outside while the main character manages to live in a coma state. The strife could be so overwhelming that politics changed dramatically in a short period of time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Odd Jobs Resource Management

The honest news sources have been predicting for years a global currency crisis and a deep depression for most of the world. We are seeing their predictions come true. Thousands are losing thier jobs in all different types of industries. The crisis will continue until the financial cancer kills most of the real market. As happened in many other financials busts the ones who engineered the crisis will be in prime position to buy up the devalued real market.

What can those left out of a job in the real world do to protect themselves? Storing up food and water is a temporary solution to a possible decade long problem. Also how do they pay for the essentials of heating and transportation? The government probably won't help the vast majority of the middle class. The governments are owned by the people trying to destroy the middle class. As seen in the last depression a global war was used to shift economic resources and will probably be tried in the current depression. Rand Corporation recently lobbied the American Pentagon to start a war with Russia or China. (

The answer to a deep depression could be collaboration to change the human resources department into a job resources department. Who will have a job in a depression? Most people will, just not on a permanent basis. For example, people still need their lawns mowed, their files collated or their bookkeeping done but don't want to hire someone as a salaried employee. So how do people connect to a possible money source? In my opinion they will require a resource management group in their community to find them jobs.

Not only job resource management, but also wealth resource management. There are many opportunities to help people out of a debt crisis, retain their wealth, wisely invest or use programs setup by the government to give money to its citizens. Socialism has bloomed after the international financiers found it could use it to enslave populations. Why not take advantage of social institutions that give money away to certain groups, or fully take advantage of the system that is being used to enslave the population? Today we have a significant advantage over earlier depressions because of our ability to instantaneously connect and move enmasse towards a better solution. If the government gives you the right to use money then it would be irresponsible to neglect that right and it would be charity to tell as many other people about their common resource.

Even before people lose their jobs it would be a good idea to have a place to turn for people who no longer want their jobs. Am I talking crazy? I think not. Where do people find jobs who are in the armed services who don't want to protect corporations or who work in the IRS and no longer want to enforce a false law for a fraudulent system of control? Adam Kokesh spoke about this brilliant solution here:
The peaceful solution, maybe the only solution, to avoid war and stop the eugenics machine is for people to quit their government job and find another way to support themselves without helping the government plans.

Odd jobs resource management acknowledges the current reality of a currency system, but rejects the notion that competition is greater than collaboration. Creating a group that gives people the opportunity to maintain their lifestyle and take advantage of a socialist system would ensure a healthier beginning to a resource economy. A resource economy doesn't have to start out of no money. Indeed, it must start with a great deal of wealth and a deep understanding that government is at its best when it is at its least powerful. The only way to make the government powerless is to give people a different option for their survival.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Implementation Plan

As stated in another blog the transition needs to go from a currency system to a resource system. The only way to do this is buy creating a system that is wholly owned by the people using the system.
Everyone who buys into the system owns a share of the system, and the goal of the system is to produce enough for the community and use the profit to make more systems. Everyone in the community is able to monitor their own usage of the common resource. They can still tie into the grid, but if they keep their needs below what is produced for the community then they don't have to pay, except maintenance fees transparent to the entire community. Everyone is informed about how much the common resource can produce and how their usage compares to others (anonymously) in the community.
No one is forced to use below what the common resource produces (they can still tie into the grid). They can sell their shares to another person in the community, but no one can own more than one share. Equipment maintenance payments is divided equally amongst the members and is either handled by the community, by the people that installed the power plant or by a third party contractor.

Power plants
1) Draw up plans and estimates of cost for:
a-geothermal power plant
b-Solar Power Plant
c-Wind Power Plant
d-Wave Power Plant
(all in stages of groups of 10 people)
2) Send Estimates of Geothermal plant to every suburb and major metropolitan area
3) Estimates for solar Power should be sent to Desert Regions
4) Estimates for Wave and Wind Power should be sent to Coastal Regions

Agriculture Centers
1)Draw up estimates for an automated agriculture center
2) Send to every major metropolitan area

Car Manufacturing Plants
1) Make an estimate for automated car manufacturing sites
2) Send to every major metropolitan area
3) Setup a quick fuelup and home fuelup areas across the nation using solare cell renewable energy only

Maglev Plans
1) Map out every train track across the United States
2) Make estimates for linking between major metropolitan on elevated maglev tracks
3) Send to every major metropolitan area, tying major metros between states first
4) This plan takes a “stake” to be paid by every municipality that is involved in “linking” into the maglev train. For example, if you want to use the maglev and have pickup/dropoff site then you have to pay into the shares to get the process started.

The Power of the Internet

There are reports the internet might be compromised soon. I have noticed recently a significant amount of lag time building on my internet connections. Here is a compilation of forums, websites, blogs and groups that I've found that try to discuss the zeitgeist movement. I encourage everyone to link in and meetup with people who are interested in restoring sovereignty to people worldwide.

That's plenty to look through. Notice there are many groups already forming without an actual "forum" on the zeitgeist movement website. I'd look towards your closest big city to start organizing even before Peter Joseph does something.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Master of the lie

There are many ways to give false witness. One is to just commit a known error of omission another is to give an untrue statement a third is to mix both true statements with slight errors. These deceptions today are bandied around as varying degrees of lying as if it is a normal circumstance to not be entirely truthful. For thousands of years people understood lying is an integral part of our currency system. Why should I charge you $5.00 which will give me all I need when I can charge you $10.00?

More important to control the currency system the sanctity of lying needs to be hidden and protected. The whole society needs to accede to a moral corruption to justify levels of lying and not suspect anything is wrong. A white lie is less of a corruption then a black lie, right? Every politician, contractor, businessman, etc. are crooks? Isn't this business as usual?

Another version of the lie that is rarely explored, but powerfully employed is the slight variation that leads to a wrong conclusion. For example, everyone thinks communism was a government made for the people. The truth is communism was funded by a few people who placed psychopathic people into dictatorial power over their people. No one sees the motives behind the curtain, just the lies sent out by the people controlling the currency system. The same can be said for some religions. What variation of christianity justifies the crusades, the inquisition or an Iraqi War? War can never be justified when your religion teaches "love thy neighbor".

I don't see how lying is beneficial to communities or acceding to lies is justified. I'm not a saint and never said I don't lie, just that in a currency system it is necessary to survive. There is an old saying the greatest trick the devil ever did was convince people he doesn't exist. In our currency system the hidden devil are the lies to justify our existence.

The Monopoly Game

If you've ever played monopoly then you've played a game close to how most people become wealthy in a currency system. Here's how it works. You buy up an income generating property (such as a business, real estate, stock, etc.) and then build on that property with increasing levels of development. Levels of development really depend on what type of property you buy. For example, you build more houses on real estate lots or you expand a business. The problem for me is, why do we play monopoly when we should be exploring life?
Some people are good at both, but even that person must negotiate some of their time to wealth generation.

The Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books taught me alot about the game businessmen and investors play to become wealthy. The game is being played over all businesses, governments and currency generators. Like in every game the real world monopoly must have only one winner. After the United States government committed treason and handed their rights over to private banks the people playing the game have nearly completed their winning move in monopoly. They have unlimited capacity to inflate the currency, steal from the taxpayers or cut budgets.

My dad once told me a story about him and my grandfather when they played a game of monopoly. My grandfather ran out of money and had only a few paltry properties. It was obvious that my dad was going to win. My grandfather asked my dad "Do you want to keep playing?". My dad said "yes". Contrary to monopoly rules my grandfather sold my dad some of his properties at a base price and they kept on playing. In the real world no one is going to let us "keep on playing". There is no "get out of jail free" card.

Fortunately a few people want to stop playing the monopoly game.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another stolen comment about zeitgeist addendum

From this thread:

Despite my support for free-markets, I think we need to admit the fact that pure free-market capitalism has never actually existed and is just as idealistic as any of the other hypothetical systems. Yet you defend it religiously.
You've got to wake up to the fact that even though free-market capitalism is better than what we have now, and is probably the best possible monetary-based economic system, that doesn't make it perfect. It still bears the same essential flaws that have got us into the mess we're in today.
That doesn't mean that Ron Paul, Rothbard, von Mises, and others are wrong. But just because they advocate it doesn't mean they consider it flawless. Capitalism is not devoid of problems; it is not the final solution. That would be Utopian.
The point being made in Zeitgeist about the monetary-system is simple: a competition-based system for profit by differential advantage is destined to produce the problems we face today: corruption, elitism, poverty, crime, war, etc. Unfortunately, even a purely free market economy is no exception.
Even if we could establish this supposedly perfect system, how long do you think it would it last? With time (decades or centuries), a few 'best players' in the game will inevitably gain massive wealth and power, which they are destined to use against others in order to secure their power forever. Sound familiar? That's why some people believe that evil is in our nature. If we promote the conditions that cause it, yes it is. Power corrupts.
Zeitgeist Addendum does not advocate collectivism. The film denounces communism, fascism, elitism, etc. It does not imply that a central authority must intervene to re-educate and formulate the workings of society.
Instead, the theory is that if we stopped perpetuating this system of competition over scarce, poorly-managed resources, people would naturally reorganize at a grassroots level to work for a common goal without needing to compete amongst each other, and could do so without the need for central authority.
This is no more 'collective' than the way us liberty-minded people come together on our own accord to accomplish common goals.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finally an honest alternative

How do people create what they need to live today? The only answer is they do some service that generates a tradable form of currency. How is this dishonest? Generating income isn't dishonest but it gives those people who are dishonest a significant advantage. Imagine an auto mechanic who plays by the rules and does work to his best ability but his competitor down the street gyps everyone they service and overcharges every customer. Someone might point out the dishonest competitor might go out of business because of his bad reputation, but that isn't the case as we see today. If massive companies like Enron, Tyco and all the horrible merchandise from China can outcompete anything manufactured, reap huge unwarranted rewards then how can anyone say honest guys finish first?

I'm sure there are some examples of stellar companies, but the really large monopolies generate the greatest profit, never the greatest product. Is there anyway around the profit model of business? There is, but it takes some imagination and knowledge. The proponents of a resource economy have to know that a truly free market would generate abundant resources by breaking apart corrupt monopolies. Resource economists also have to know the resources available could support everyone if there were truly owned equally by the whole world. Imagination is needed during the transition period.

During the transition period people have to recognize there is nothing wrong in generating profit if your mission is to create systems that are self sufficient. Until the resource economy is adopted around the world the only way to create new communities is by giving or making profit from some system. Within the systems the currency system doesn't work, but to get anything new the self sufficient system has to generate more than the community needs or the community needs to donate more than the system creates. Imagination is also needed to piece together the many ways transition can occur from the technological, organizational and educational perspectives.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Designing out Crime

How would a resource based economy design out crime? The most egregious crimes today are done out of survival. Whether criminals commit a mugging, bank robbery, sell dangerous drugs, insider trading or enslave a nation they always justify their actions to perpetuate their own survival. What does survival mean in today's economy? Survival means having the capital necessary to continue their lifestyle. A sinister consequence of the currency system is the criminals lifestyle increases with their willingness to commit greater morally reprehensible actions. For example, a mugger might get away with a couple hundred dollars, while a President makes billions sacrificing innocents and soldiers creating a false war. In my estimation the crimes having to do with money and survival will all be phased out in a resource economy. Here's a partial list: mugging, bank robbery, theft, insider trading, embezzlement, political crimes (all the cheating of citizens to fill their own coffers). Also violent crimes would dramatically decrease because the violence driven by poverty would cease. Other crimes within our society will either be accidents or phased out when people understand human psychology.

Today we live in a pathocracy. That means we're ruled by people who have pathological ideologies that seek to destroy human life. Here are a few examples of our ruling class:
- Secretary of State Madeline Albright said she has no problem killing half a million innocent children in an interview with Barbara Walters
- Prince Albert proclaiming his wish is to reborn as a virus that kills 90% of the population
- the document "Project for a New American Century" is produced by the incoming George W. Bush's presidential advisors which calls for a new pearl harbor event to further terrorize and control the american people. That "pearl harbor" event happens on 09/11/01.

The ruling class supports a monumental evil that pushes any means justifies its end. Their endgame is a small group of elites to rule over a servant class. What happens to society when at the top are the most criminally competitive people? Their moral aberrations seep into everyone they influence. The society becomes sick with adopted criminal ethics. In a resource economy no elite have any capital and do not control resources. The society would no longer be a pathocracy and would transform into a isocracy (equal political power for each citizen).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Modes of Transition to a Resource Economy

I see several modes of transition that can be used to go from a currency system to a resource system. All these systems start in a profit making mode to increase their sphere of influence and because we're still in a monetary based system, but they don't use currency to trade resources in the system.

Resource Node System:
Entire communities become shareholders in a common, renewable, mostly automated resource site (energy, agriculture, transportation, clothing, housing, etc. producers). All the community owns the resource, and repairs the service and then uses the profits to make other types of resource nodes.

Small Community Construction:
Communities become totally self contained economies. All their resources are provided by the community and no money is used in the community. Profits from the sale of their renewable resources are reinvested to create either larger communities or communities in other areas.

Networks of self reliant individuals:
Individuals go off the grid on their own and help others to go off the grid. Common resources are assessed by the community and on an honor system to be given freely to people in the network or traded to other people. Profits from traded resources are used to increase the size of the network.

Experimental City Construction:
An entire city is constructed with all the needs for a given community is constructed. The city creates wealth initially by creating the best possible products to sell to the outside world. The profits from its products (either from selling their extra renewable resources, their created products, or their labor in testing new products) is reinvested into creating a new experimental city.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Robot Restaurants

Can you imagine a restaurant where everything from the ordering of food, to the food preparation to the paying for your tab is done by only machines? Here's how it could work:
All spaces for people to sit have a handicapped accessible computer menu where people either type in, speak to order or use braile. The order is sent to robot chef much like this one:
The food-savvy robot wears a towel twisted rakishly over its upper module. The octopus balls are made individually, each one carefully made from scratch. The octopus balls are made in thirds; the cooking delicacy must be hand-turned after each portion cooks to add the next bit of dough, creating a perfect octopus ball. (not the most appetizing thought for most americans, but this is Japanese cuisine)

And then the orders are sent out either on a conveyor belt as currently used is sashimi barsor are moved underneath the floor and presented onto your table. Finally, all the dishes are taken by a robot built within the table to wash the dishes for the next diner. Much like this table dishwasher:
CONVENIENCE is a must in the modern American kitchen.
For Harold DeHart, that means never having to get up from the table to put the meal's used plates into the dishwasher. Mr. DeHart, who lives in Durham, N.C., has won a patent for a ''dining table with integral dishwasher.'' A trapdoor in the table opens into a dishwasher underneath.

Resource Management and Game Theory

Today International Financiers are hoarding the worlds resources by tying up liquidity thereby precipitating a global depression and planning on buying up the devalued assets at the nadir of the crisis. My question is why can't their fraudulent system become a legitimate system of assessing the earths resources and giving everyone on earth a chance to claim their resources? According to game theory I believe resource management can become legitimate.
Game theory is a mathematical method to assess interactions and the cost or benefit from situations. It is widely used in economics to understand the outcomes from market forces.
John Nash elucidated an equilibrium that ensures everyone in the game cannot gain anymore benefit from interactions.
Here's an explanation of the nash equilibrium from game theory:
a solution concept of a game involving two or more players, in which each player is assumed to know the equilibrium strategies of the other players, and no player has anything to gain by changing only his or her own strategy (i.e., by changing unilaterally). If each player has chosen a strategy and no player can benefit by changing his or her strategy while the other players keep theirs unchanged, then the current set of strategy choices and the corresponding payoffs constitute a Nash equilibrium. In other words, to be a Nash equilibrium, each player must answer negatively to the question: "Knowing the strategies of the other players, and treating the strategies of the other players as set in stone, can I benefit by changing my strategy?"
Stated simply, Amy and Bill are in Nash equilibrium if Amy is making the best decision she can, taking into account Bill's decision, and Bill is making the best decision he can, taking into account Amy's decision. Likewise, many players are in Nash equilibrium if each one is making the best decision that they can, taking into account the decisions of the others. However, Nash equilibrium does not necessarily mean the best cumulative payoff for all the players involved; in many cases all the players might improve their payoffs if they could somehow agree on strategies different from the Nash equilibrium (e.g. competing businessmen forming a cartel in order to increase their profits).

According to this theory people can all benefit if they either know they cannot change their strategy to win or if they form collaborations that force unequal circumstances on the majority of players. In today's society there is a cartel of international financiers that own all of the resources and therefore there is a lopsided equilibrium. Even though a select few own most of the resources no one in "the game" can benefit more because everyone in the system knows that they can't change their strategy to win. What would happen if those resources were monitored and distributed not by a select few but by every human being on the earth? According to game theory there would also be equilibrium in the market.


I stole this great synopsis of solutions from the movie here:

Solutions from the movie:
1. Expose the Fed Cartel. Why should you trust the banking system? They have given us just enough rope to hang ourselves with and now they are seemingly in a state of urgency but still spending big time.
2. Boycott News Networks. Who are they to tell you what to believe in and how to think? They use brainwashing techniques peeps. Watch Democracy Now instead. And Always Use and Protect the Internet.
3. Boycott the Military. Learn that those enlisted (it's not their fault) have been misled to work for the corporations who control the government. Don't buy all the propaganda that they are fighting for your liberty and freedom bullshit. They may have done so at one time... but now, they are sadly just pawns. If any brother of mine ever.....NEVERMIND....just know, that I would fuckin fight!!
4. Boycott Energy Companies. Get off the grid. Convert your vehicles. It's not as hard as it seems. They just want us to think that. Do the research ladies and gentlemen.
5. Reject the Political System. Focus on working to dissolve the outdated system of Politics, in favor of technological redesign and intelligent management of the Earth's Resources. No, you don't have to join a cult or be the jack ass of an anarchist. But you should learn how to self sustain and teach others how to do the same. Things like growing our own food and making our own clothes (interests me). Plus, we should all go camping! Realize that we have enough of everything we need to share with everybody globally. There is no reason we can't use our technological reservoir of knowledge in a healthier way instead (of killing each other).
6. Create Critical Mass. Join the movement. Learn about and/or Play SuperStruct to get your mind brainstorming about the future we will help create. Oh and do yoga, smile, dance, go canoeing, paint, write, keep baking cookies, and try veganism too. It will help you along the way. Really.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spontaneous Order

There's a rule of nature many people recognize, but don't really appreciate. It happens when starlings flock together, when schools of fish form schools and when people ever skate together on an ice rink. John Stossel brilliantly exposed this phenomenon in his political expose here:
There are six parts in this series and nicely encapsulates everyone's ability to collaborate for a better goal.

Here is another explanation about how spontaneous order in the financial world could work:
"There IS an alternative to both Communism and Greed Capitalism. It is called Natural Moral Capitalism, or Communal Capitalism. It can and should include Open Money and a restoration of LOCAL, TANGIBLE, TRANSPARENT. We have relinked to Paradigms of Failure because what happened in the past 16 years under BOTH Clinton AND BUSH (Goldman Sachs being the common denominator owned Treasury) has been the total failure of all moral and social and legislative and executive and commercial parameters for integrity."

This is the reason I see colloborative capitalism, where everyone is a stockholder in the community corporation as the best solution to rid ourselves of the resource hoarding culture we've become. Spontaneous order is a rule in the universe and for too long we've gone against the grain and now a vast majority of people will have to suffer for some people's avarice. There is a better way and it's found in nature.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Differences in Private Property Ownership

In my view private property in a resource management model would be significantly better protected than the currency system's model. In today's America there is no right for habeus corpus, no stopping federal agents from searching and seizing property, no stopping the sheriff and the IRS from seizing your property if you inadequately meet their system's requirements. You can be tried not by jury of your peers, but by a military tribunal or plucked from anywhere in the world and shipped to a detention center that tortues you to supply false information. The question might arise that most of these can be stopped with adequate representation in our political system. My answer is the deck is stacked against those who aren't perpetuating the ponzi scheme of Central Banking. We don't issue the currency, on any political level, therefore we're always going to have less currency to "pay for" representatives.
Even before the patriot act and the perversion of our judicial system there are several strong anti private property factors that work within a quasi capitalist structure we've been under since the United States of America was founded. The first obstacle being taxes. When you own property you are taxed at the local, county, county and federal levels. Stopping payment forfeits your right to own your property, therefore is it ever really private?
The second obstacle owning private property are the mortgages taken out to finance property. Our monetary system rewards people who go into debt and stay in debt, that's why when you pay off a small business loan it is income and you're taxed on that income. The financial success mantra since the end of world war II was leverage, leverage, leverage which caused alot of people to go into debt several times higher than their yearly income. If you ever default on your mortgage than it is the property of the bank. Because most banks are currently going into ownership to the Federal Reserve System the outcome will be the international financiers who created this financial crisis will essentially own most private property.
The third obstacle is eminent domain. Today it is possible for any government agency, non governmental agency or even private company to "purchase" your property without your consent for the price they're willing to pay. If that doesn't work they can tax your property beyond your means to repay or sanction its use to make it a meaningless investment.
Beyond the people's rights to their own property is the war that was lost to ensure state's rights. Originally the American Civil war was started because the south was being used to supply the north so the north could manufacture supplies and ship them across the world. In effect the south was being used by a similar type of mercantilist system in colonial America. The south wanted to secede from the union and not continue to fund the north's way of life. Only later did the abomination of slavery become an issue between the two warring factions. Today if a state or any other local government ever tried to secede I could only see the outcome as war or complete isolation. As references I look towards Mormon communities that were raided and children taken from their families. Most recently more than 400 children were taken with no cause besides a falsified phone call.
From all of this I understand that private property, no matter what transigent security we believe will protect it, is always under the threat of conquest by some foreign hand. The only way around this theft machine is to place the resources back into the hands of everyone.

It is important to note I don't know anyone associated with "zeitgeist" movies or the venus project. I have been for many years trying to find a way people can get away from the monopolies the central banking system has on most avenues of our life. When the "banker bailout bill" was signed the global depression became certain and the United States of America's political system went into recievership of the International financiers. I think the zeitgeist movie highlighted a plan I think that can work. I have my ideas about how the plan can work and only reflect how I view this model. I'll elaborate on the many modes of transition in a later blog.

Under the resource management model I envision everyone would have private property, that is owned by them. Let me explain how this would work from the perspective of someone who would live in the resource management system: First, there'd be automated house building sites that manufacture homes for their community. So the community inputs how many houses they need and the people within the community choose what they want (as far as function goes, e.g. 3 bedroom, two bath) then the automated house construction sites get to work. I'm not saying it's a perfect system-if someone wanted 2 or 3 houses I don't how that would work, and I'm don't think the system would give bachelors mansions, but the system would support people's ability to live. A house for that person is owned by that person until that person does not want it anymore-then it's given back to the community for either recycling or to be used by a different person.
The same thing goes for automobile transportation-everyone gets what they need. In automobiles there might be less selection.

Transition from Collaboration

The transition from a currency based economy to a resource based economy appears to be a long, hard road without a significant amount of support. Where will this support come from? Not from the international financiers who succeed through the monetary system's fraud. Not from the wealthy industrialists who depend upon loans from the international financiers. Not from the politicians who also depend on contributions from both the wealthy industrialists and international financiers. The support will come from honest people who have the means and the will to start a new lifestyle. These people can start from any station in the world's current power structure. They could be a working family or a successful small businessman or a statemen who truly puts principles first.

Some people have already started transitioning to a live off the grid.

Several communities have already started and are progressing mostly unnoticed around the world that focus on living off the grid. Here are a few examples I have found:

A worldwide Building project that uses recycled materials and manual labor to create self sufficient houses. Their plan does not call for removal of the currency system or automation, but encouraging recycling of materials would be a good addition to the zeitgeist building strategy

One of the many ecovillages around the world that depend on locally grown produce and products for most of their citizens. The model of the local village can be adapted to include modular mini cities within larger self sufficient communities.

A network of ecovillages around the world dedicated to creating a global community that emphasizes self sufficiency. This could be the model for a new resource managment network that links all self sufficient communities to the resources each of them produce.

A small family in an urban house redesigned their small lawn to accomodate most of the food they would need. On an individual scale this could be done with every household across the world and ensure continued prosperity no matter what happens to the currency system.

An alternative commune that emphasizes spiritual awareness and self sufficiency. While their lifestyle might not be everyone's cup of tea, it does show a way spirituality and community can work together.

A news article about an off the grid Retirement and college community started. This community was started to promote technological advancements and self sufficient lifestyles. I think news articles like these prove a significant amount of people are ready for a radical change that benefits the whole world.

Resource guides for living off the grid. One of the challenges we face is educating everyone on how to live off the grid. Developing a comprehensive and individualized off the grid report should be easy and succinct enough for everyone.

There are probably alot more examples of living off the grid that I couldn't find in searching for a small amount of time on the web. There are also probably people who haven't setup a website for their living off the grid experience. Thousands of homesteaders in every lifestyle are independantly trying to live a self sufficient lifestyle.

What the zeitgeist plan offers is the endgame of the self sufficient lifestyle-Freedom from most manual labor and the freedom to not worry about financing continued improvements. It will depend upon people who put their principles above flashy doodads. It would mean the end of the manipulation era.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Their government versus Our Government

I think it is important to understand the differences between their government and our government. The New World Order's government is entirely based upon the manipulation of money where a select few can counterfeit currency as much as they want while the vast majority of people are at the mercy of their printing press. Their endgame is to have a whole world government with central authority that dictates terms to individuals without any representation. Today, with a looming global depression and the international call for a worldwide currency they are rushing towards that goal at breakneck speed. If they acheive this one world currency then all the power resides in the hands of those who distribute the currency.

Our government is different on several levels. The people who see possibilities in resource management see no central authority doling out currency or manipulating markets to either terrorize or satisfy its people. Resource management and the knowledgable distribution of resources would be everyone's responsibility. In effect, if everyone knew how much their power plant produced then they could see how much their energy needs compared to everyone else's. If you're of the opinion that this would lead to rampant energy use then take the example of the glowing ball used to track energy usage:
According to this study energy users reduced their consumption by 40% just by knowing how much energy they consumed. While the orb was originally intended to punish people for the the false tax scheme of carbon credits for the climate change fraud it backfired and people used it to save money.
I see resource management as a goal past restoring the constitution and having a sound currency. Successful resource management would give the resources of the world back to the people and bolster our sovereignty by knowing about our consumption habits and our load on the global resource pool.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

AD&C (Automated Demolition and Construction)

Another Resource Management Group could be called AD&C (Automated Demolition and Construction). Here's how I see this group working with the community:
First, in blighted areas or barren areas that require affordable housing a mostly automated crew would demolish and lay the foundation for building self sufficient structures. The Resource management group gets permission from the municipality to own the property. Once construction is complete the resource management group gives ownership to the community as a whole new organization. The community gives the property rights back to the homeowners or store owners after their mortgage is paid. Some occupants might want to be renters and may not want to pay off a mortgage. The renters would be transient owners and have a lease owned by the community. Each house/apartment/store is jointly owned by the community until the individual pays off their mortgage set by the cost of construction.
AD&C would make enough profits to construct communities by incentives from the municipality that it is restructuring and by selling the housing resource to the community. AD &C wouldn't own the property, but it would collect rent and mortgages until cost for the construction were paid in full.

Our Evolutionary Path

There is a pattern of life that many people who study evolution discover. Once a type of creature dominates the world that creature separates into two classes-the predator and the prey. The pattern happened when fish were prevalent in the Devonian Era, it happened when euparkeria emerged in the early triassic to become the Dinosaurs and it happened when tiny shrew like mammals rose up from the death of the Dinosaurs in the early Tertiary Period to become a cat and a mouse. Today we, as a species, have taken over the world. Now the only question is when will our species deviate into two classes-the predator and the prey.
Some people believe the end for one homo sapiens species will come soon. Here is the article pushing the two species agenda:

I believe the predator is already here and while they do not feed literally on others of our species they do accelerate their prey's deevolution into suberviant drones.
Many people do not realize every second of their life they are evolving. One egg or sperm cell can be altered irrevocably depending upon its environment, so one child could be completely different depending upon the environment and the time the parent concieves. Here is an article which explains one of many phenomenons that changes the genome:
The environment is what the predator is manipulating to deevolve its prey.

The human predator today is accelerating thier human prey's deevolution by introducing toxins such as depleted uranium, genetically modified organisms, petroleum products and other chemicals to disrupt or mutate the genetic code. Whether the predator's succeed or not depends on the prey's ability to understand their methods and counteract them.

The only solution in our society today is to stop including yourself within the system and educate yourself and others on the poisons we face on a daily basis. Maybe then we'll have a chance to live as one species and stop the animalistic cycle of life that always splits one species into two.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Their Endgame Vs. Our Endgame

Before talking about opposing sides I want to reiterate my assertion we're all linked. "They" is not really a person, even if some people are using or being used by an opposing strategy. "They" really refers to a spirit that wants to strip the human condition or entirely destroy humans. So,when I refer to "their endgame" it's really an endgame that is opposed to anyone with a moral conscious for life.

Here is their endgame in a nutshell: Issue Identification marks to every human on earth and track them with these marks. Issue "credits", which are really fraudulent numbers in a central computer for each human. These credits can be taken away at any time by the ruling class. Further isolate and dumb down the mass of population so they become automatons only able to serve a few dynastical elite. Whatever the elite say to do the population must do otherwise they'll have their credits taken. Some of these elite would actually prefer destroying 80-90% of the population. All of the resources would be owned by the ruling class.

Here is the endgame I see for the proponents of the Venus Project: All of the resources are decentralized and monitored by individuals as often as they like. No one is issued any credits, there is no wealth generation. The only generation is new inventions, better ways of completing some task or creative works of art. Whatever the individual wants to do within the limits of not hurting other people that individual can do. The only government is the experimental method of finding better ways to avoid crime. Everyone is informed about the world's population and the food and water needs for the population. No one is restricted from having children or taking multiple wives, but they and their neighbors know the resources of the world so they are concious of the implications of having children. Because scarcity for everything throughout history is to maximize profit I doubt anyone would be without abundant supplies.

Here are some questions I have:

How do we achieve our endgame?
My answer, given in another blog, is incrementally by a vote from individual communities.

Wouldn't we be crushed by the military the elite have amassed around themselves?
It really depends on who is on our side and who is on their side. The power for change always come from individuals.

How to roll out Resource Management

Before viewing the Zeitgeist Addendum movie I had already thought of four companies that I wanted to start to get people more off the grid. I've thought for a long time about how to best achieve sustainability among the majority of people so we can stop paying into the monopoly that the energy and food companies have over the people. Now I realize these companies should really be resource managers and form microcosms of the future.
Before explaining each resource management entity I think it's important to talk about the important points Alex Jones has brought to the Zeitgeist Addendum plan. On Tuesday, October 14th on his radio show Alex Jones stated that the only way a self sustainable program would work is if the community who wants the system to vote for it and make it law and that the system would need to be regional under the local control of that community. As long as the vote isn't fraudulent I agree and this is the way I see any of these programs being adopted before Alex Jones mentioned the movie on his radio show.
Here are the Resource Management Systems I envision:

Undead Motors: Converting current cars to renewable energy or creating cars within communities. The community would be able to monitor their power usage and fuel usage, whatever that may be. No one has control over the power for individual vehicles, but everyone is aware what is being used for transportation.
The next step would be automated factories that produce renewable cars that are free to the community. The community would be responsible for maintaining their cars and their energy. Would you rather pay on average $10,000 every five years for a car, along with all the things like oil change, buying gas,etc. that come with a current car-or would you rather spend $10,000 once to make a factory that builds cars and spend maybe 2 hours every week to help maintain that factory? The Choice would be the community's. Inter community Maglev trains could grow the renewable energy and link communities who monitor their combined resources.

Natural Energy: Creation of Renewable Power Plants for the use of the community. I see this as most likely the first step to get communities off the grid. The Community could monitor what the community uses from the power plant and the power plant doesn't need to supply all the power. Individual homes could either become more energy efficient or they could incorporate energy producing technology into their homes. New homes could be modeled after the venus project or homes at

World Cooperative: Food and Water distribution for the community. This could start as a local garden and then grow into a fully automated growing, drying or freezing facility used by the community. Using technology to automate the growing process for food and distribution would be the difference between a normal garden and the world cooperative.

Bright Minds: A teaching network for everything the community needs to become self sufficient. Every topic is covered and entered into a community database for easy searching for any topic of information. Individuals for every community offers their skills and puts down their knowledge in a complete dossier. Either people can teach in person or via webcamera. Children are taught in community centers with the database of the community stored, or they can take it home and learn at their own pace.
Accreditations for skills learned are issued on the knowledge available to the community. For example if someone demonstrates a need to work on power plants they can learn and become accredited to work on the machinery in the power plant.

Where will the money come from for each of these resource managers? The initial seed money will come from the community that voted for the change. The money for additional repairs or updates will also come from the community until the resource manager is able to supply other communities. For example, if a community builds a power plant that supplies all of that communities energy needs and has more energy than required then it could sell to other monetary based systems. The initial benefits that might escape someone is the savings from having energy without any required monthly payment or a car without any monthly payments.

Where will the manpower come from each of these resource managers? Once again that is dependant upon the community. Each community dedicates a certain amount of time and make it understood if someone from that community doesn't do their part then either they are not allowed to use that common resource or they are charged money for the use of the resource without the work necessary to keep the system alive.

Some people might balk because this isn't exactly the vision offered by the venus project. To some it appears the venus project asks for an all or nothing dedication from the entire world. I view the venus project as the end game we're all trying to achieve-individual sovereignty and giving people the abundance they're entitled to from the common natural resources of the world. I also see the endgame as needed to succeed in stages that can come from a number of different areas-one is setting up resource management entities, another could be constructing experimental totally self contained communities, another could be teaching about the abundance the earth provides that is held down by the dynastical elite, and another could be individually seceding from the energy, food and money grids then getting your neighbor off the grid. Whatever way to get around the money system I see the key automation, sustainability and decentralization by knowledge about our environment spread over the entire community.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Renewable Transportation

There are several easily renewable technologies today that enable transportation today to run without the need to ever refuel using gasoline and some do not even require a battery to operate.

Solar Energy
A solar vehicle is an electric vehicle powered by a type of renewable energy, by solar energy obtained from solar panels on the surface (generally, the roof) of the vehicle. Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert the Sun's energy directly into electrical energy. Solar vehicles are not practical day-to-day transportation devices at present, but are primarily demonstration vehicles and engineering exercises, often sponsored by government agencies.

Wind Power
Here's one possibility:
The wind powered car that I have in mind is such that it converts wind power to electric energy which in turn moves the vehicle.
This concept is conceived from the fact that as you drive down your street and you put your hand out of the windows, you feel the enormous force of the wind, which in my view will do the world so much good especially in these troubling times of global warming.
In my minds eye, the vehicle will be such that there’s an intake valve seated on the roof to amass all the wind needed to power the car. An alternator connects to the to the intake valve which converts the kinetic energy to electrical energy. This electrical energy is connected to a DC battery pack which is the source of power to a controller. This controller converts the DC voltage to AC three phase voltage with the help of power diodes.
The accelerator is connected to the controller with cable through a pair of potentiometers which act as variable resistors to regulate the speed of the vehicle. The vehicle is very efficient because it has relatively few revolving parts and thus making it very fast. When the accelerator is floored, the full voltage is given out by the controller and when the pressure on the accelerator is taken off no power(zero power) is given off by the controller.
This vehicle uses a direct motor to wheel configuration which increases power. Multiple motors are connected to the wheels to increase both propulsion and braking system.
It also has a single gear system which is identical to the automatic gear system. This system utilizes the torque of the motor being a function of the current to improve upon the overall efficiency of the car.
The brake system relies on vacuum braking system which derives its braking force from atmospheric pressure on the lower side of the piston of the vacuum brake cylinder while a vacuum is maintained.
The aircondition can also be maintained and operated with a motor as well.
The wind taken in by the intake of the car is enough to cool the motors and prevent them from overheating and thus increasing efficiency of the vehicle.
Wind power continually charges the battery bank which is the main feature of this vehicle and there is no stipulated time for charging because as you drive, your battery bank is continually charged. There is a volt meter that tracks the flow of current to and from the battery bank.

Brake Regeneration
The Energy Regeneration Brake was the name for a system designed to automatically switch an electric motor into a generator as the vehicle slowed. Braking energy is captured so that batteries can be recharged, thus increasing the range of the automobile.
The system was first developed in 1967 by American Motors Corporation (AMC) in cooperation with Gulton Industries[1] for an experimental battery powered city car.[2] This concept car was called Amitron and its later iteration, the Electron. To achieve longer battery life between charges, the Amitron would have a "regenerative braking system" to generate battery-charging power as the car is slowed.[3]

Biofuel is defined as solid, liquid or gas fuel derived from recently dead biological material and is distinguished from fossil fuels, which are derived from long dead biological material. Theoretically, biofuels can be produced from any (biological) carbon source; although, the most common sources are photosynthetic plants. Various plants and plant-derived materials are used for biofuel manufacturing. Globally, biofuels are most commonly used to power vehicles, heating homes cornstoves and cooking stoves.

Magnetic Levitation
MAGLEV, or magnetic levitation, is a system of transportation that suspends, guides and (usually) propels vehicles, predominantly trains, using magnetic forces. This method has the potential to be faster, quieter and smoother than wheeled mass transit systems, potentially reaching velocities comparable to turboprop and jet aircraft (900 km/h, 600 mph).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Smart Materials

When constructing new houses or transportation there are materials that can make privacy and proximity possible. These materials can also change shape depending on the conditions.
Smart materials are materials that have one or more properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled fashion by external stimuli, such as stress, temperature, moisture, pH, electric or magnetic fields.
There are a number of types of smart material, some of which are already common. Some examples are as following:
Piezoelectric materials are materials that produce a voltage when stress is applied. Since this effect also applies in the reverse manner, a voltage across the sample will produce stress within the sample. Suitably designed structures made from these materials can therefore be made that bend, expand or contract when a voltage is applied.
Shape memory alloys and shape memory polymers are Thermoresponsive materials where deformation can be induced and recovered through temperature changes.
Magnetic shape memory alloys are materials that change their shape in response to a significant change in the magnetic field.
pH-sensitive polymers are materials which swell/collapse when the pH of the surrounding media changes.
Temperature-responsive polymers are materials which undergo changes upon temperature.
Halochromic materials are commonly materials that change their colour as a result of changing acidity. One suggested application is for paints that can change colour to indicate corrosion in the metal underneath them.
Chromogenic systems change colour in response to electrical, optical or thermal changes. These include electrochromic materials, which change their colour or opacity on the application of a voltage (e.g. liquid crystal displays), thermochromic materials change in color depending on their temperature, and photochromic materials, which change colour in response to light - for example, light sensitive sunglasses that darken when exposed to bright sunlight.
Non-Newtonian fluid is a liquid which changes its viscosity in response to an applied shear rate. In other words the liquid will change its viscosity in response to some sort of force or pressure. One good example of this is Oobleck, a fluid that seems to temporarily turn into a solid when a force is applied quickly.[1] Another good example is Custard, as long as it is starch based.