Thursday, November 20, 2008

Population is never a problem

In the resource management model population is never a problem. I'll use a real world example to show this truth. In austrailia there is roughly 7.5 Billion 1/4 acres of land. Today there are roughly 6.7 billion people. If every person in the world received 1/4 acre of land in Austrailia the entire world would be left along with 200 Million acres in Austrailia. I've shown examples of entire families living from growing food on 1/10 an acre of land. How big is the rest of the world's land mass? Roughly 30 times the size of Austrailia or able to accomodate another 140 Billion people. The Venus Project even shows people living underwater. How big is the world's water mass? Roughly 70 times the size of Austrailia or able to accomodate another 490 Billion people. These numbers are huge and they show what a lie we've all been told.

There should be no one child policies, no abortions, no sterilizations and no contraceptives. Family planning today is a euphemism for baby killing. In a responsible world, a world that cares for those that most need our care it is the greatest glory to have children. This topic some people who agree with most of the zeitgeist movie disagree with me on:

If that's the world these sad people want to inhabit then I'll not be a part of any population control. The truth is the world is more than capable of handling hundreds of billions more humans and even beyond. Lunar colonies and martian colonies can be established with today's technologies.

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Anonymous said...

I agree most forms of population control are distasteful with the exception of no Contraceptives. Having a child is possibly the greatest moment in any persons life, but I also believe that a person should feel ready to raise a child. Our biology makes sex an imperative in order to propagate the species, but individuals should be able to explore sex and responsibility before incurring the SUPREME responsibility of another life.