Monday, November 10, 2008

Swinging for the Fences

A resource economy is a finished economical end game. There will always be improvements to the social structure and inventions to improve our life. To get at the root of our constant struggle for survival one endgame is giving the resources back to everybody, or a resource economy. The opposing endgame is hoarding resources amongst few, or the New World Order's (NWO) economy. Using a baseball analogy, the first base hit to either of these endgames is a free market.

Let me explain, a free market gives people the tools to be prosperous. However, the laws that break apart monopolies, insider trading, illegal dealing and government collusion normally are not strong enough to break the web of greed created by this prosperity. If the laws of man were equitably enforceable then free market would have a chance to survive without impunity. The laws of man are easily sidestepped when a few people control the monetary supply. Some people might argue that free market automatically stops anyone from controlling the monetary supply. Their argument is flawed because the free market allows prosperity to bloom irregardless of moral conviction.

The free market is always going to attract con men who steal from others without moral compunction. It's an obsession for sadistic people because they either lack empathy or were conditioned to no longer care for other people. If a free market were ever established then it would only be a matter of time when the next con man would usurp the system. There are always opportunities for foxes to get in hen houses, unless there are no hen houses. In a resource economy there is nothing to steal. Everything is owned by the participants in the system, but no one has the right to take away any allocated resource. The resource economy endgame gives everyone their necessities and is owned by everyone in the system. The opposite NWO endgame is quickly approaching.

Almost every day there are calls for a one world currency which translates to a one world government. As articulated by Baron Rothschild in 1796 “I care not about laws...those who print the money make the laws”. They probably engineered this crisis, just like the failure of the England Stock Market in 1787, the Federal Bank Runs in the 1800's and the Worldwide Depression in 1929.

Maybe I'm giving the N.W.O. more credit than they are due. The truth is in a currency system cycles of depression always occur. In a fiat currency system they occur more frequently than most of the public are aware. Ever since the Presidential Financial Working Group was established in 1987, due to a monumental drop in the stock market, there is no congressional oversight over the markets in America. Today there is no way, besides a political referendum, to discover a verifiable paper trail where the market was manipulated. The evidence I have against the NWO is a centuries long history of failure, intentional destruction, and morally bankrupt announcements about their plans for our world. If you doubt any of this please ask for references and I'll point you to some great, honest history.

A resource economy is truly swinging for the fences. It is possible to run past the first three bases in the resource economy of free market, prosperity and automation and head directly to freedom. In the NWO's currency endgame the first three bases are free market, monopoly, and debt leading to slavery. Recently Senator Obama became president elect for the United States of America. One of the main pillars of his new presidency is forcing people of every age range to serve the government. His establishment has also taken Ralf Emmanuel, the son of an Israeli terrorist, as Chief of Staff. In Emmanuel's book he vociferously mimics Obama's initiative to involuntarily serve the call of government. If this initiative passes every American citizen will become a slave to international financiers. The question is will patriots go for a first base hit or a home base run towards a resource economy? I'll continue to swing for the fences and point my bat high into the outfield.

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Mike said...

I completely agree. Any economic system that basically REQUIRES a depression every 80 years, is obviously broken. If my lifestyle requires me to not eat for a month every year, then my lifestyle isn't working.
Keep swinging. More and more people are swinging with you, myself included.