Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Movie Idea: Isocracy

Another movie idea would be to show a person transported into the future where the resource economy has transformed the world. There are many mechanisms to freeze someone in time:

1) cryogenic storage either accidental or intentional to preserve their lives until a way to save them from some disease is discovered

2) The movie is a dream where they wake up and just have the memory of some future

3) Some futuristic time machine where the person either sees the future or experiences the future

4) The future is shown as the present and they either find someone from the past or resurrect someone from the past

I favor the first method by intentional storage because it is the most likely, hopeful and gives the main person a back story. It doesn't have to be cryogenic storage, maybe a coma where global strife rages outside while the main character manages to live in a coma state. The strife could be so overwhelming that politics changed dramatically in a short period of time.

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Blueskies said...

This has been done in book form. Look for Robert Heinlein's "For Us the Living". Not exactly like a resource based economy but instead a social credit system which is very similar and probably what we would have to use as an interim step anyway.