Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Powerful Idea

How often people would rather criticize shocks me. In a society based on freedom of expression there is a need for respect of other's ideas. Otherwise what would be the point having any ideas at all? It's a societal problem brought by our lax respect to knowledge in general. How many people protested once they found out the electric car was destroyed? (not a whole lot-it's alot easier to gripe about your neighbor than to a multimillion company). To never have tested ideas is a travesty of free will. Now the destructive comments have come to this blog.

I recently installed a chatroll feature that enables people to chat about the zeitgeist movement and get the plan underway. Unfortunately the same people who posted destructive comments on other blogs have made it their mission to use the chatroll. This I would view as a waste of time on their part unless they were scared of the zeitgeist idea. I don't waste my time going on blogs arguing with people I never met about some idea. Especially when there are alot of other, more pressing, problems in the actual world. This blog only tries to clarify an unimplemented plan not tied to any group dedicated to destroying sovereignty. It's a free blog for free thoughts. Time would be better spent going on the CFR website and commenting about their policies, or any of the other news agencies. But, I suppose, this blog is an easy target for gutless individuals because it's so open.

I won't delete the chatroll feature because it is a useful communication tool. The amount of negative posts demonstrates the power and mystery of the zeitgeist ideal. I've tried to dispel alot of the lies and misinterpretations of the movie and of our history, but still some people don't seem to get the message. Like the movie says, it's their choice.

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Mike said...

I don't necessarily BELIEVE every iota of information proposed in the first Zeitgeist movie. But I think the more important point was that most people didn't have enough information available to say one way or another.
I think the framing of any criticism is crucial. Ask questions instead of just flat refusals and criticisms. Most children are raised without being taught the ability to know the difference, sadly. American children, especially are tragically uneducated in how to ask questions. Very sad, but that is why we want to give people a relevant education.