Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Their Endgame Vs. Our Endgame

Before talking about opposing sides I want to reiterate my assertion we're all linked. "They" is not really a person, even if some people are using or being used by an opposing strategy. "They" really refers to a spirit that wants to strip the human condition or entirely destroy humans. So,when I refer to "their endgame" it's really an endgame that is opposed to anyone with a moral conscious for life.

Here is their endgame in a nutshell: Issue Identification marks to every human on earth and track them with these marks. Issue "credits", which are really fraudulent numbers in a central computer for each human. These credits can be taken away at any time by the ruling class. Further isolate and dumb down the mass of population so they become automatons only able to serve a few dynastical elite. Whatever the elite say to do the population must do otherwise they'll have their credits taken. Some of these elite would actually prefer destroying 80-90% of the population. All of the resources would be owned by the ruling class.

Here is the endgame I see for the proponents of the Venus Project: All of the resources are decentralized and monitored by individuals as often as they like. No one is issued any credits, there is no wealth generation. The only generation is new inventions, better ways of completing some task or creative works of art. Whatever the individual wants to do within the limits of not hurting other people that individual can do. The only government is the experimental method of finding better ways to avoid crime. Everyone is informed about the world's population and the food and water needs for the population. No one is restricted from having children or taking multiple wives, but they and their neighbors know the resources of the world so they are concious of the implications of having children. Because scarcity for everything throughout history is to maximize profit I doubt anyone would be without abundant supplies.

Here are some questions I have:

How do we achieve our endgame?
My answer, given in another blog, is incrementally by a vote from individual communities.

Wouldn't we be crushed by the military the elite have amassed around themselves?
It really depends on who is on our side and who is on their side. The power for change always come from individuals.


Christine Baker said...

I'm hoping that the forums that are supposed to be "coming soon" at will provide some answers to MANY questions such as what, how, when, where ...

I'm 50 years old and I watched MANY alternative living projects fail.

It will take HUNDREDS if not thousands of years until humans are ready to live without money. Not just because they don't WANT to, but because resources are NOT abundantly available.

I just found your forum post on the Alex Jones interview of Peter Joseph, was searching to see what other people thought.

I actually listened to most of the interview twice and Alex came off like a total moron, a brainwashed fanatical Christian. Love his movies, but he's definitely NOT the leader he'd like to be.

I think there's a lot of misunderstanding and a poor choice of words in Zeitgeist: Addendum. They shouldn't use words such as "eradicating", that's what you do with mosquitoes and you do it which poisonous pesticides. It leaves a very negative impression of the Zeitgeist goals.

Alex Jones just doesn't have the brains to understand that the current corrupt system can't be beaten with guns and violence.

But if enough people simply REMOVE themselves from the system and stop financing the system, there's a chance it will collapse.

I've stopped payment on over $90k in unsecured debt, I own my unfinished house in the high desert free and clear. I'm off the grid and while I don't have the money to become completely independent, I'm way ahead of most people.

I don't think that the elitists will bomb PEACEFUL individuals who simply choose to drop out.

Let the system collapse. NOW is a great time to get started.

I'd really like to know what Peter Joseph thinks of the common good bank concept, see the slide-show at

Unfortunately, they can't find any people worth over $1 million and earning at least $200,000 for the last couple years who want to finance the initial $1.5 million start-up capital required to open.

That's why I'm now looking for a credit union to join and recommend to my readers.

I hope you'll not just WRITE, but actually DO something and that there will be MANY people showcasing their projects at the Zeitgeist site.


The Running Man said...

thanks for the comment christine. I'm 30, with a family and I own a business that keeps me very busy (typical 18 hour days). I've always wanted to be self sufficient, but it takes alot of capital, time and skill. I've started to shell out this year and bought a wood stove. My next stop is solar cells and/or a vertical wind mill. I've also always wanted to help convert everyone else away from oil. The energy companies I view as one of the most evil monopolies on the earth. I've thought of a renewable fuel up site to replace the vacant gas stations I see all over the place. The resource management idea of the venus project has got me thinking in a new way about how to get people off the grid.
I'm of the opinion that there are abundant resources, just not the will or the personal resources to get off the grid. And I think it depends on how bad this depression becomes whether it will be take 10 or 100 years for people to get off the grid. If there was a concerted effort it could be done in 10 years-people just have to be more like you.
Now that I know there are thousands ready to act I am more ready to stretch my already overtaxed time and do something more. Before I do, however, I need to plan.